Monday, 17 July 2017

Hide & Seek with a 2-year old and 6-years old

Our kids were playing hide & seek tonight. It was cute and hilarious at the same time.

#1 was counting so #2 went to hide.
We saw #2 head straight to our indoor swing and hid behind it, where both her small feet were clearly visible.
I guess she thinks that because she couldn't see us, we couldn't see her either.
When #1 finished counting and was set to locate her sister, #1 could easily spot her sister who was also wearing yellow PJs from afar.
Hubby and I both laughed out loud as we thought about this logic from a 2-year old's perspective. 😂

Granted that #2 wasn't really good at hiding but she was pretty smart in finding her elder sister's hiding place, to the point that it annoyed her sister who said "How come she keeps finding me? I want to be the best finder. I want her to be not clever in finding me!" 
Of which, of course, we both gave her a short lecture about how if she doesn't want anyone to find her, it's probably best that she hides in her room and only come out the next day. 😑
We also added that because it's a game so these things are normal in any games and that she should be able to play well with others.

Hubby helped #2 hide behind one of the curtains. 
Unfortunately, #2 wasn't comfortable standing behind the curtain and ended up making an appearance in front of her sister and said "Tadaaaaa!!!"

#1 hid next to the sofa and #2 was able to locate her.
When it was #2's turn to hide, she chose the same spot her big sister chose previously and she even faced towards the sofa and closed her eyes.
Like I said, her logic is probably if she can't see us, we can't see her either. 😂