Saturday, 25 November 2017


It was the last day of school yesterday.

At 1pm when the girls and I prepared pizza for lunch, their friends came over, rode their bicycles and waited for my girls to come out and play.

You see, their friends don't really get to play much as they're busy with school, homework and attending extra-curriculum activities.

So whenever the girls come over to play, I'd let my girls play with them.

Even though they're older than my girls, they really play well together and watch out for each other.

As they played from 1pm - 4.30pm, my 2-year old let herself back into the house to have lunch, I've also had to bathe her (again!) as the girls decided to play water gun by the pool.

Somehow, my 2-year old literally got herself drenched from top to toe.

I've also had to breastfeed the baby to sleep and PRAY that the girls would be OK playing outside by themselves.

The highlight of it all was when my 6-year old packed their artwork stuff and brought it back home.

Her drawing below, is the first ever drawing of a person (non-stick figure) and she expressed it quite well.

I immediately took out my phone to capture it before this paper becomes a victim to our baby who constantly munches on stuff or our 2-year old who always seems to find pleasure in scrunching up paper. 😂

I told my daughter that her drawing was good (because I couldn't draw like her when I was her age) and she was so excited that she told her friends. 

She draws without fail every single day, creates artwork every single day, makes stuff every single day and we're glad that we found a bunch of good books from the Big Bad Wolf Sale last year on artwork / drawings / creative stuff that she's able to refer to.

We're excited to see more of her work and seeing the development in the near future.

Ballerina - 24 Nov 2017

Saturday, 28 October 2017


I just want to give a shout out to Team Nuffnang Malaysia.

Thank you for sending over my first ever cheque!

I've deposit the cheque a couple of days ago and the funds were available recently too.

Super Happy! 

Thank you again! :D

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Things Our #2 Say

I'd like to compile a list of sentences which our #2 managed to construct before she turned 2-years old.

"Thank you"
"You're welcome"
"Here you go"
"Come here"

"Right here"
"Let's go"
"Don't want"
"Bicycle" or "Want play bicycle"
"Play toy"

When her elder sister sat on her chair, she said "No! My chair! Sit here!" as she shows her sister the chair which belongs to her.

"Change diaper" if she wants us to change her diaper and normally after she's done doing her business.
"Comb hair" when she wants us to comb her hair.

"Want to eat"
"Wash hands" when she's done eating.
"Finished" as she pushes her empty plate towards us to wash.
"Dwink" (drink) if she wants us to give her juice / milk.

"Baby toy" as she hands over the baby's toys to the baby in order to keep him occupied.

At times, she would think slightly longer before figuring out the right words to say and sometimes she'll amaze us with the vocabulary she managed to grasp just from hearing us say the words.

We believe that her big sister plays a huge role in #2's language capabilities as #1 always speaks clearly and properly to her sister, as if her sister understands her.

We identified that her linguistic skills is slightly more advanced than when #1 was at her age.

We owe this to our #1 for being such a wonderful big sister and a great role model.

On top of that, #2 also loves sing-alongs (we're able to make out what she's singing as the melody is close to the original song and her pronunciation is quite clear in most of the words) and instantly dances when she hears music playing.

It helps that our #1 loves to sing and dance as well so sometimes they'll sing songs together or dance silly. 😆