Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Things Our #2 Say

I'd like to compile a list of sentences which our #2 managed to construct before she turned 2-years old.

"Thank you"
"You're welcome"
"Here you go"
"Come here"

"Right here"
"Let's go"
"Don't want"
"Bicycle" or "Want play bicycle"
"Play toy"

When her elder sister sat on her chair, she said "No! My chair! Sit here!" as she shows her sister the chair which belongs to her.

"Change diaper" if she wants us to change her diaper and normally after she's done doing her business.
"Comb hair" when she wants us to comb her hair.

"Want to eat"
"Wash hands" when she's done eating.
"Finished" as she pushes her empty plate towards us to wash.
"Dwink" (drink) if she wants us to give her juice / milk.

"Baby toy" as she hands over the baby's toys to the baby in order to keep him occupied.

At times, she would think slightly longer before figuring out the right words to say and sometimes she'll amaze us with the vocabulary she managed to grasp just from hearing us say the words.

We believe that her big sister plays a huge role in #2's language capabilities as #1 always speaks clearly and properly to her sister, as if her sister understands her.

We identified that her linguistic skills is slightly more advanced than when #1 was at her age.

We owe this to our #1 for being such a wonderful big sister and a great role model.

On top of that, #2 also loves sing-alongs (we're able to make out what she's singing as the melody is close to the original song and her pronunciation is quite clear in most of the words) and instantly dances when she hears music playing.

It helps that our #1 loves to sing and dance as well so sometimes they'll sing songs together or dance silly. 😆

Daily Schedule with a 6-month old, 2-years old & 6-years old

A snippet of our daily routine (on any given weekday) with a 6-month old, 2-years old and 6-years old kids.

Prepare breakfast 🍳  for the family and pack hubby's lunchbox. 
On certain days, hubby will prepare breakfast.
Hubby will bathe the younger ones, depending on who wakes up early before hubby leaves for work.
Breakfast together as a family.
Hubby leaves for work.
Baby is fed and would either fall asleep or play with the bigger siblings.
Kids play at their play area  / outside the house / we would head down to the playground.
Return to the house and kids would continue playing whilst I prepare lunch.

Lunch together.
The younger kids will take their naps whilst our eldest would have quiet time.
I'd normally doze off as the baby prefers to bf.
When they wake up, they'd prefer having snacks before going out to play.

* On certain days, we would do the laundry or sweep & mop the floors (weekly basis).
Hubby takes care of cleaning the bathrooms and wiping dust off our fans over the weekends.

Hubby comes home from work and starts to cook (if I did not prepare dinner that day) or brings home our dinner.
Dinner together.
Family time.
Bedtime is at 9pm so hubby reads to our eldest, joined by #2 if she's still awake whilst I put the baby to sleep.
If I'm too tired, I'd fall asleep too else hubby and I would catch up and share how our day went.

This is how our typical weekday is and I have not included the times when baby is clingy or #2 has her meltdowns or #1 & #2 would constantly fight.

Currently, this routine works for us and the only time I'm comfortable to bring all 3 kids out on my own is when #1 has soccer practice or when we're headed to the playground. 

I'd rather not bring them around on my own as yet and would prefer going out more often when the baby is slightly older.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Hide & Seek with a 2-year old and 6-years old

Our kids were playing hide & seek tonight. It was cute and hilarious at the same time.

#1 was counting so #2 went to hide.
We saw #2 head straight to our indoor swing and hid behind it, where both her small feet were clearly visible.
I guess she thinks that because she couldn't see us, we couldn't see her either.
When #1 finished counting and was set to locate her sister, #1 could easily spot her sister who was also wearing yellow PJs from afar.
Hubby and I both laughed out loud as we thought about this logic from a 2-year old's perspective. 😂

Granted that #2 wasn't really good at hiding but she was pretty smart in finding her elder sister's hiding place, to the point that it annoyed her sister who said "How come she keeps finding me? I want to be the best finder. I want her to be not clever in finding me!" 
Of which, of course, we both gave her a short lecture about how if she doesn't want anyone to find her, it's probably best that she hides in her room and only come out the next day. 😑
We also added that because it's a game so these things are normal in any games and that she should be able to play well with others.

Hubby helped #2 hide behind one of the curtains. 
Unfortunately, #2 wasn't comfortable standing behind the curtain and ended up making an appearance in front of her sister and said "Tadaaaaa!!!"

#1 hid next to the sofa and #2 was able to locate her.
When it was #2's turn to hide, she chose the same spot her big sister chose previously and she even faced towards the sofa and closed her eyes.
Like I said, her logic is probably if she can't see us, we can't see her either. 😂